I Can't Live Like This


Pain or trauma is a drain on your life and your emotional resources. If you are suffering and tired of dealing with it alone, you may need support. At knotted root, we know all about it. How it feels, how it can take over your life. And how to make you feel better.

Knotted Root is meant to symbolize the deep-seated constriction caused by trauma, grief, pain, disease, etc.  It is the greatest goal of Knotted Root to help, in partnership with the patient, untangle these knots and to do so with genuine kindness and respect.


Knotted root specializes in orthopedic acupuncture, for conditions of the muscles, sinews, and joints, and toning down heightened CNS response article.


Chinese herbs can treat almost anything but we specialize in rebuilding people’s constitutional strength and calming down CNS response.

Tui na

Improves joint play, range of motion, opens up muscular constriction, promotes blood flow, and the body’s ability to heal itself.


Assisting the meridians to process emotion and release any build-up thereof that can present as physical symptoms Grief and the body

Qi gong

to prevent or manage pain, improve motor function, recover from surgery, or approach elderhood with confidence


Opens up and creates space between the skin, fascia, and muscle layers which in turn releases pressure on the joints

Gua sha

Also called “scraping”, gua sha is a technique used to release fascia and remove obstruction in the channels of the body

Magnetic/ionic therapy

Magnets are used instead of needles for children, those who have a phobia, or just prefer treatment without.

I'm Ready to break cycles.


You are ready for this if any of these apply to you:

I am ready to release the trauma from my body, I am tired of going in circles, I am ready to open up my life, I am ready to break these cycles

Requires self-awareness, a secure emotional support network or a therapist in place even if you aren’t going regularly (which is preferred)

Life centered therapy

Deep deprogramming through reliving memory, releasing beliefs, and letting go of that which no longer serves.

Somatic work

Tune in, ask the body what it needs, do it. An essential step for regaining sense safety in the body.

Sound healing

Allows the body to release sensations or blockages in the meridians through sound and to support vulnerable places in the body with sound.

Stone medicine

In the Chinese Alchemical tradition, which assigns medical applications to different stones, not unlike Chinese herbalism.

Spirit of the meridians

Treatment according to the development of your soul. Helps to release you from the holding pattern and open up the next step of your spiritual evolution

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