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  • Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts-
    Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

  • New England School of Acupuncture- Masters of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Mount Holyoke College- Magna Cum Laude, BA in Critical Social Thought
  • Three year apprenticeship in shiatsu and tui na with
    Robert Canty (Cambridge Shiatsu)
  • Feng Shui Institute- feng shui, chinese astrology and metaphysics (in progress)


R.M Brown’s orientation to medicine is founded resoundingly in the genius and overwhelming power of nature. That power and genius is reflected wholly in the body and studied in the art and science of chinese medicine and metaphysics. 

It is a very easy thing to become trapped in what is wrong with our bodies and feel crushed by our suffering. At knotted root, our approach to treatment is to build a safe place to acknowledge and address that suffering, and let it in turn teach us about our selves, our bodies, and our world.

The brilliance of the body never ceases to amaze: at knotted root our highest goal is to explore these infinite possibilities with patients as they discover what our bodies are truly capable of. 

knotted rootś mission is the radical liberation of bodies from constraint, of minds from doctrine, and of souls from limitation


At knotted root, acupuncture is only one small part of the treatment. R.M’s foundation in Chinese and Japanese bodywork means he has a hands on approach, with an emphasis on touch and intuition to guide the treatment.

He utilizes all five branches of Chinese medicine: qi gong/meditation, tuina, lifestyle/dietary practices, and Chinese herbs, as well as acupuncture.

Each treatment is a specialized blend of the tools at R.M’s disposal. It may change depending on the season, the weather, from one patient to another- even from one week to the next for the same patient.

The treatment our bodies crave depends so much on the challenges we face. It is the intention of knotted root to help patients face those challenges- whether they be pain, chronic illness, psycho-emotional issues, or acute trauma- with support and greater resilience.

If you want to know more about how a knotted root treatment can help meet your needs, please contact us.

Payment & fees:

 Most often treatments are a combination, the following is for those who may want one service but not another.

Common conditions treated

While Chinese Medicine can treat all manner of diseases, there are some conditions on which we concentrate.


Being in pain is terrible! There’s lots of ways to feel better, fast and the option to learn how to treat yourself

Chronic or recurring infections

If you are caught in an infection cycle, for example: urinary tract infection after intercourse or before menstrual cycle, interstitial cystitis with recurring urinary, bladder, or kidney infections, unresolved acne

Queer and Transcompetant treatment

* trained by tapestry health in transcompetent healthcare *

  • Transition support 
  • Pre and post operative care
  • Fertility, pregnancy, post partum
  • Wrestling with dysphoria and euphoria in the body
Physical symptoms exacerbated by emotional upset

For example: pain that gets worse with stress

  • Having stomach upset when nervous
  • Getting a headache when angry
  • Feeling fatigue when sad
Trauma trauma trauma

Common presentations: 

  • Chronic pelvic pain hx of assault

  • Can’t relax neck/upper shoulders associated with constant vigilance

  • Anyone who jumps at sudden noises

  • Hyperawareness of environment

  • Intergenerational trauma: anxiety, digestive issues etc runs in the family, shared history of atrocity- African diaspora, Jewish descent, immigrants/refugees, etc


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