qi gong

Knotted Root offers a four month qi gong series. The forms increase in difficulty and intensity.

The first form, the Ba Duan Jin is mostly restorative. It is a good form for beginners, those with limited range of motion or ability.


The second form is the Ten Symbols of Longevity. This form is more vigorous and slightly more challenging in its movements.


The third form is the Five Animal Frolic. This form focuses more on balance and is ideal for increasing stability.


The last form is the Yi Jin Jing or The Muscle Washing Tendon Changing Classic. This form is the most vigorous and has some of the most challenging movements. It is fantastic for stretching the fascia and make the joints limber and strong.


Rebecca also offers one on one consultations on self treatment through movement. Contact us to find out how you can treat your condition with movement.