At knotted root, acupuncture is only one small part of the treatment. R.M’s foundation in Chinese and Japanese bodywork means he has a hands on approach, with an emphasis on touch and intuition to guide the treatment.

He utilizes all five branches of Chinese medicine: qi gong/meditation, tuina, lifestyle/dietary practices, and Chinese herbs, as well as acupuncture.

Each treatment is a specialized blend of the tools at his disposal. It may change depending on the season, the weather, from one patient to another- even from one week to the next for the same patient.

The treatment our bodies crave depends so much on the challenges we face. It is the intention of knotted root to help patients face those challenges- whether they be pain, chronic illness, psycho-emotional issues, or acute trauma- with support and greater resilience.

If you want to know more about how a knotted root treatment can help meet your needs, please contact us.

Payment and fees:

We process Personal Injury Protection and Worker’s Compensation claims, though we do not accept private insurance. Health Savings Accounts are also viable payment options.

Most often treatments are a combination, the following is for those who may want one service but not another.

Acupuncture $90

Shiatsu/Tuina $90

Herbal consultation $50

Payment plans:

3 treatments for $85/treatment

5 treatments for $80/treatment

10 treatments for $75/treatment