R.M is such a compassionate practitioner. Her needling technique is very refined and she doesn’t let any treatment fall short. Every treatment is like a work of art and she will not stop until each treatment is perfect. She is the only practitioner who has been able to pin point my back pain and treat it directly. R.M is phenomenal and I would highly recommend him to anyone! – Danielle, MA

R.M has a very comforting and soothing presence as well as a natural ability to bring about healing through touch. I felt a strong spiritual connection when we met and I think he can almost instantly sense where the pain is, whether it’s physical, emotional or both. He was able to release quite a bit of trapped energy from my body and I felt free and peaceful for a long while after. R.M cares deeply about people and will undoubtedly help and heal many souls who cross his path- Barbara, FL

R.M is a truly outstanding acupuncturist.  Until his work with me, I was very skeptical about the value of acupuncture.  However, his effectiveness in treating my neck and back issues as well as my prostate has made me a believer. He managed within about 6 weeks to help my symptoms decrease and my PSA score to decline by about 25%.  As well, his work with my wife’s leg issues has significantly improved her mobility.  R.M is very professional and very skilled in the use of a variety of techniques. My wife and I would highly recommend him for treatment of a broad range of issues.- Andy, MA

R.M is an amazing human being with compassion and knowledge beyond her years!! He is talented and able to make a difference in everyone she touches!! I am truly Blessed to be counted as one of them!- Gina, MA

I’ve had chronic back pain since the late 90’s with weekly acupuncture treatments only providing temporary results. When I started getting treatments from R.M Brown, my pain relief was longer between treatments. He combined both acupuncture with some manual therapy which allowed my body to make a turn for the better. I’m thankful for his passion to improve his patients health and well being.- Jose, MA

R.M is amazingly intuitive. He is a born healer in all modes available to him. I love his energy and I highly recommend him!- Tess, MA