retreat details

R.M Brown L Ac and Keely Malone will be the facilitators with additional support person, Meg Criticos.

read more about R.M’s work here. read more about Keely’s work here. The support person is coming at the retreat from the environmental/body angle, providing of needful things, comfort, food, communing with the land- all ways of holding space for the work and ensuring our safety.

R.M’s work centers on the axis between the body and the psychic level, clearing away of obstacles either manually or energetically, generally taking out the trash and helping support the participant access their work as it pertains to these levels. Sometimes that includes body work. Mostly it is exactly what he does in his private practice but with the express purpose of retreat having the capacity to hold more and access deeper planes since we have more people and more space and more time.

Keely comes very much from minded and psychic standpoints. Keely is a medium and a mediator who has a long history is working with and processing trauma on both individual and group levels. Keely and R.M trade off on dealing with the psychic garbage that can arise when we do psychic and body centered work and they will help people process both what the work is and what to do about it on an intellectual level.

In a rough outline, the retreat will be three days- the first day coming together and building the safety of the group entity, seeing what there is to see in terms of people’s perceptions of their lives, what they want, and where they think they might be hung up- the second day learning to work together as a group before going into individual work and seeing what there is to see in terms of body/psychic blocks- the third day integrating and coming down/back to a wider world.In terms of specific tools, we will be employing tarot, akashic/mediumship work, clairsentience, sound healing, meditation, exorcising stuck emotions/psychic signatures from the body through movement, and tuning in with the resources of the land/universe to help support the work.

All of which is geared toward the processing of trauma and removing the blockages that can hold us back from leading our lives completely. This work is a collection of different approaches and is truly an opportunity to actualize one’s full self.

The cost is $500 for the three day retreat and includes food and lodging with the exception of one private room available for an additional fee.