A lumen is the basic unit for measuring brightness. It is a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source. In biology, a lumen (plural lumina) is the inside space of a tubular structure, such as an artery or intestine. It comes from Latin lumen, meaning ‘an opening.’ 
Kendra’s work is an experiential inquiry into freedom through our bodies and our lives. She believes that through the body, we can access and discover truth, insight, clarity, and inner guidance. Using movement and bodywork as tools, we investigate our challenges, emotions, limiting beliefs and thought patterns, our relationship to pain, and suffering.   Lumen blends bodywork, practice, and movement so we open and align with what is most in service to our hearts. We can go behind the scenes, where the real magic happens, and transform our (shadowy stuff) limitations and fears into strength and freedom. Kendra is dedicated to each individual’s personal process of living a life in service to their greatest Lumen.


I Can't Live Like This


I'm Ready - Breaking Cycles


The Journey - Re-Programing