Four Horses

Huge disclaimer: this is not meant to say do not seek medical attention if you or your loved ones experienced covid symptoms. It is intended for mild cases in which someone feels they cannot breathe but with interventions such as these can be made comfortable and weather the symptoms with relatively more ease. On a different note, this pandemic is giving us a greater awareness of our lungs and everything they do for us. Let us take the cue and focus on what they might need or have to teach us. The body has infinite wisdom and now is the perfect time to heed it. 

Four horses: Master Tung points for the Lung

Indicated (used) for: pleurisy, asthma, pneumonia, colds and influenza. 

When stimulated, these points cause a rush of oxygen to the lungs. This means if you are treating yourself you ought to sit down! When I was trying these out with acupressure I got a big rush of air in my lungs and experienced greater lung capacity right away. Focus on breathing deeply to get the bottom of your lungs cleared out. Anyone with anxiety (which is many more of us as of late) tends to breathe in a much more shallow pattern. See the video on bodywork for lung capacity to release the physical obstructions to deep breathing and be sure to check out our upcoming video on self treatment for anxiety to release emotional obstructions to deep breathing. Also check out @knottedroot on facebook for breathing exercises and qi gong to benefit the lungs.

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