Self treatment for pain

Another topic for our series on self treatment: PAIN
This week we have had some no needle challenges- patients with severe musculoskeletal issues who could tolerate no needles whatsoever or just one or two. This has caused us to dig deep into non-needle options and why not share these with you, after all?

So, here is a foray into the world of topical herbs:

Zheng gu shui (red box): topical liniment, strong blood moving herbs for sprain, strain, tendonitis, torticollis, etc. Has camphor, a cooling herb to treat inflammation.
Don’t touch your eyes after you have applied this! I have done it and it HURTS.

Blue poppy medicated sports oil: blood moving herbs, more warming than zheng gu shui, promotes circulation but not really for inflammation. Used for bodywork or self treatment.

Old friends farm ginger juniper oil: smells nice, ginger warms muscles promoting circulation. Not as strong as the others but perhaps more soothing.

Zum dragon blood salve: my favorite for gua sha or just rubbing into a sore muscle. Warming and moving. Smells great, very pleasing consistency and easy to work with.

Spring wind herbal plaster # 4: Used for acute injury such as sprains, fractures, contusions. Swelling and heat are present. Very strong treatment with herbs to move blood and reduce inflammation.

Which brings us to the herbal patches:

Huo Tuo medicated plaster (yellow box) can be applied to all manner or chronic injuries or pain, easy to use. Especially good if your pain disrupts sleep.

Yunnan Bai yao patches (white box) used in a similar way but has stronger cooling action if you injury has strong heat/inflammation component or is soothed by cold.

As with any new topical treatment, test a small amount on one area of your body before applying more liberally.

Best of luck using these on your own or if you just can’t get enough contact Knotted Root for more treatment

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