Feed a fever

Here are some things that have been keeping us warm with the sudden drop in temperature-

ginger foot soaks: cut up a ginger rhizome, boil it in water for about 15 minutes to a half hour and use it to soak your feet. This can help improve circulation if you have pain, neuropathy, or just plain cold feet. It can also help chase out a chill to prevent you from getting sick.

ginger tea: grate 1/2 inch of ginger in hot water with honey to help get warm after being in the cold (also works for nausea and morning sickness). If you can’t handle the hassle, you can get ginger honey crystal packets (pictured below)- this one has ginseng in it, too.

gypsy cold care with yarrow tincture: traditional medicinals sells a great warming tea (pictured below) that has warming western herbs (hyssop and yarrow) to chase out a chill. I use a dropper full of yarrow tincture (pictured above) in pseudo hot toddy fashion for stronger effect.

contact Knotted Root for more herbal advice or thoughts on how you can weather the weather

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